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Meidling Luxury Car Rental

Take your travel experience to another level when you use our Meidling luxury car hire service. Regardless of your final destination in Meidling and whether your staying short term for a day or a week or even if you need to hire a Meidling luxury car for a longer business trip or holiday, you are sure to find our professional service second to none.

Perhaps pick up a Ferrari in to begin your journey and take in the fabulous or enjoy a thrilling trip to . For many a visit to Meidling wouldn’t be complete without calling at in a luxurious Rolls Royce or perhaps thundering down the open road towards in a 4×4 would be more to your taste?

If the purpose of your trip is purely recreational you may well consider visiting which often is proven a worthwhile journey or alternatively either or could be an alternative option.

In any case whether its from or you will be sure to experience driving like never before with you book our Meidling car hire service.

How much does it cost to hire a luxury car in Meidling?

The cost of hiring a luxury car in place varies greatly depending on the vehicle you require, the amount of time you wish to hire the vehicle for and how far you wish to drive during your rental. Our rentals include a very competitve number of km inclusive of the price quoted. For specific quotations we advise chatting with our reservation team about your trip details and they will get to work designing a package specifically for you.

Where in Meidling can I rent a luxury car from?

Anywhere (within reason)! We specialise in bringing the vehicle to you so regardless of your location in Meidling we can bring the car right to your door. Additionally we can pick up either from the same location or a different one. Our aim is to make hiring a luxury car with us as hassle free as possible.

Where else can I rent a luxury car near me in Meidling?

In addition to providing luxury car rentals in Meidling, we can also service the following area's:

Meidling Hietzing Favoriten Ottakring Vienna Innere Stadt Perchtoldsdorf Hernals Simmering Mödling Floridsdorf Donaustadt

All in all, with our high class service, and unrivalled range of vehicles you are guaranteed an enjoyable trip when you use 365 Luxury for your next luxury car Meidling rental!


Today’s Austria is what was once the German speaking core and center of power for the large multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire with its imperial capital in Vienna. This empire stretched eastwards from present-day Austria through much of east-central and south-central Europe. It included the entire territories of modern day Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and portions of Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Italy. While Prussia united the German states to the north by force into one “Germany” in the latter part of the 19th Century, Austria remained oriented eastwards towards its diverse empire. However, from the start of the 20th century, the political history of Austria has been closely linked to the misfortunes and disasters of modern German history, mainly the First and Second World Wars and their terrible aftermath. It was not until the end of the war that the mood changed and that Austria tried to distance itself from Germany. In 1945, Austria was divided into zones of occupation like Germany. However, unlike Germany, Austria was not subject to any further territorial losses. A treaty signed in 1955 ended the Allied and Soviet occupation, recognized Austria’s independence, and forbade future unification with Germany. A constitutional law of that same year declared the country’s “perpetual neutrality”, a condition for Soviet military withdrawal, and thus saved Austria from Germany’s fate of a divided nation with a divided capital. However, the South Tyrol Question took Austria and Italy to the UN in the post-war era and international brokered mitigation found a suitable solution for both countries by the late 1980’s. This official neutrality, once ingrained as part of the Austrian cultural identity, has been called into question since the Soviet Union’s collapse of 1991 and Austria’s entry into the European Union in 1995. Re-examining its Nazi past is something that has become large-scale and accepted as commonplace in the media only relatively recently. Before, Austria had sought to portray itself as “Hitler’s first victim”. A prosperous country, Austria entered the European Monetary Union in 1999, and the euro currency replaced the schilling in 2002. Austria is also part of “borderless Europe”, resulting in many students from all over the European Union studying in Austrian universities and vice verse. Austria is one of the most popular summer and winter holiday destinations in Europe and has the tourist industry to match it. Austria is a federation. Each of its nine federal states has a unique and distinct culture. Austrians aren’t easy to categorize. In fact, the main reason Austrians stand out from their European neighbors is that they don’t stand out from the rest for anything in particular. Austrians are moderate in their outlook and behavior. Being at Europe’s crossroads, their culture is influenced from several sides. The stereotype of the yodeling, thigh slapping, beer-swilling xenophobe may apply to a few individuals but it certainly doesn’t apply to the majority of Austrians.

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