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The Exterior

Mercedes Benz is German manufacturer with a solid reputation for producing a top range of luxury cars. Their slogan is “Das Beste oder Nichts” which translates as “The Best or Nothing”.This not only an instantly recognisable car it is also pretty enough to make most people take a second glance as you drive past.

Engine and Driving Power

The 2 seater roadster SLK is a fun option, it will deliver power smoothly and there is plenty of it. The SLK is a good all-rounder and you have the benefit of having the open air with the roof down but a coupe due to the steel top

The Interior

Mercedes have put a premium on comfort in the SLK and is a great option for any European break.

You can hire a?Mercedes Benz SLK Class?from us anywhere in Europe including the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Portugal, Ireland and beyond.Mercedes Benz SLK Class

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Since Mercedes was born in 1926 it has been producing the most amazing high performance sports cars from it’s head quarters in Stuttgart in Stuttgart. For many when they rent a Mercedes it is to experience a once in a lifetime dream while for the connoisseur it offers the possibility to test drive a true motorsport through-bread. With their elitest approach to unrivalled luxury and performance a Mercedes Rental is sure to turn the heads of anyone you encounter.

If the idea of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and instantly becoming part of an elite element of society then quite simply we would give this advice: Hire a Mercedes !

365 Luxury offer a range of Mercedes Rentals many of which exclusive to us. These include the S Class, E Class, ML, SLK and CLK Classes and more. If you wish to hire a Mercedes model you don’t see here be sure to contact us as in many cases we can source the specific vehicle you require.

To find out more about the Mercedes brand you may wish to visit their website at or alternatively the following video may be of interest:

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Engine 3.0L V6
BHP 228
0-60 mph? 6.1 seconds

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Truly a word created in the last century the word?supercar can only truly be applied to those truly luxury and powerful sports cars. If you want to rent a supercar then you can be sure that as you drive to your ultimate destination the journey will truly be the an experience you are unlikely to forget. A supercar rental is one way you can literally experience the rock star lifestyle as you enjoy the sheer performance and thrill that can only be achieved when sat behind the wheel of a true supercar.

Travelling around Europe is often described as a must have for anyone’s bucket list and to do that in the luxury car rental is to really make an amazing experience unforgettable. See the jaw dropping historical locations, visit the most romantic cities in the world or fall out of the gigantic beer halls with a satisfied smile on your face the choice of things to do in Europe is endless. Top Cities to Visit:

  • London
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Milan
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  • Barcelona

Europe boasts a huge number of major international airports, the biggest of which include: